NVC surveys of most of the saltmarsh systems in Wales were carried out between 1996 and 2003 for the then Countryside Council for Wales (now part of Natural Resources Wales) and resulted in a series of reports, all of which included GIS generated NVC maps.


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The spread of Spartina on the English coast of the Dee Estuary following chemical control was monitored for the RSPB.

Wallace, H.L. and Prosser, M.V. (1997). Natural and interrupted succession on an accreting salt marsh- a case study from the Dee Estuary. Draft Paper to RPSB, Sandy


The impact of managed retreat at Paull Holme Strays was investigated through an NVC mapping exercise of the vegetation that had colonised seaward of the old seawall.

Prosser, M.V. and Wallace, H.L. (2013). Paull Holme Strays NVC Survey 2012. Report to Environment Agency.