Ecological surveys have been involved in a number of surveys of sand dunes in association with the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.


The first project looked at the impact of afforestation on the dune vegetation and soil development at Newborough Warren.

Hill, M.O. and Wallace, H.L. (1989). Vegetation and environment in afforested sand dunes at Newborough, Anglesey. Forestry, 63, 249-267.


Other projects have investigated of the impact of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on the growth and species richness of dunes systems across the UK and studied the habitat preferences of a number of rare species on dunes across the UK


Jones, M.L.M, Wallace, H.L. Norris,D.,Brittain,S.A.,Haria, S., Jones, R.E., Rhind,P.M.,Reynolds,B.R., and Emmett,B.A. (2004). Changes in vegetation and soil characteristics in coastal sand dunes along a gradient of atmospheric nitrogen deposition. Plant Biology, 6, 1-8.


An NVC surveys was been carried out at Northern Burrows in Devon.

Prosser, M.V. and Wallace, H.L. (2006). Northam Burrows: National Vegetation Classification Survey 2006. Report to Natural England, Devon Team.


Morfa Buchan in North Wales, is a site used for NVC training. The evolution of the dune system was studied over a number of years to introduce students to the concept of vegetation change in these dynamic systems through repeat boundary mapping of communities and use of multivariate statistical analyses.